Characters  Skill Info


Barbarians (barbs):  well mainly over all if u want to be a barb and u want to duel you should probly get wirl wind and max it out and get some what of good armor and weapons (full ik (immortal kings) to start with).   Now if u want to just do Baal runs then max out wirl wind and get a really good weapon and armor and stuff but that can be hard (that is why u don't see many barbs doing Baal runs in hell).    (so over all just max out wirl wind and you may succeed in almost every thing with a barb but I am not promising any thing)

Necromancers (necro):  well if u want a dueling necro mainly just max out your fire golem and golem mastery then max out 1 of these (any will do just chose what u like more).     • Poison nova  •bonespear  and now u will want to max out bone prison so you can trap them 4 a while and us those attacks to kill them.  Now if u want a necro that dose Baal runs then you can have like a (summoning necro or a elemental necro). if u make a summoning necro then you will want to max out skeletons (that will allow you to have 9 skeletons) then max out skeleton mastery then u want max out mages and like when your mages lvl is like 4 make it to where u have 1 on fire golem and then alternate between mages and golem mastery.

Sorceress (sorc):   well sorcs can be pretty complicated with the 3 categories ( fire,cold,lightning) because u can make like a fire sorc and etc...  fire sorcs skills- well for a fire sorc u will want to start off putting every skill u get on fire blast then once u can use fire ball max out fire ball then meteor  then fire bolt   and the last thing u will want to max out is fire mastery (you will end up doing like 14k damage if u have the right stuff).  cold sorcs skills-  well for a cold sorc your will want to start off putting all of the skills on ice blast until u can put stuff on blizzard then max out frozen orb then max out ice blast and bolt and last but not least to max out is cold mastery.  lightning sorc skills-well I would start off switching between lightning and static field then I would max out chain lightning then thunder storm then lightning mastery. (I wouldn't recommend lightning sorcs cause then can have a chance to do like 1 damage or something) (also make sure u at least put 1 on teleport for all sorcs).

Paladins (pally): well if u want to be a dueling pally I would recommend u maxing out fist of heavens and have some good armor and stuff cause that can kill most people in like a few or so hits.  But now if u want to be a pally that goes and kills Baal then I recommend u max out blest hammers then vigor then blest aim and u will do a lot with blest hammers and get a certain armor called enigma or nigma ( same thing )  and this armor will grant u teleport  and then you need good belts gloves etc.... and u can do a lot and do Baal runs and kill a lot to.

Amazons (zon): well if u want to be a spear zon you should put at least one hundred through one-thirty on dexterity and about one-hundred on strength. I would do that so that u could use titans or what ever u chose to use. now if u wana be a be a bow zon u would wana put about one-hundred or so on dexterity so u can use some good bows.

Assassins (ass):  ass's u wana work on strength and dexterity so u can use good claws. and there isn't much to say about ass's cause u can only really traps to kill in hell. pretty basic to be a assassin.

druids (druids): druids are manly just for maxing out hurricane and some on the bear. but u should work on all ur stats keep them steady and close together. pretty basic to be a druid.